A Good Week

I hope that everyone is enjoying a restful and pain-free Easter weekend. Sadly in the Midlands in the UK, we are not having the same glorious sunshine we had last weekend. Which I take full responsibility for, as myself and Stuart (my Husband) brought new garden furniture that was delivered on Good Friday, so naturally we haven’t seen a ray of sunshine since. I am really hoping we haven’t jinxed the entire summer into being grey, dull and sunless.

As you saw in my last post last  The ever-growing health to-do-list…….. I had bloody loads to do to try to crawl myself back to somewhere in the region of good. Which for anyone suffering with any form of long-term painful health issues knows that “good” means your good. Not what the fitting fight population would class as good, as these are two very different things. But that’s a topic for discussion another day.

Well I  am doing it, and have definitely had some good moments over the last seven days. I can’t say I have done it as lots of daily work and discipline has gone into getting towards good. Discipline is something which doesn’t come naturally to me, but I know is vital to   getting me anywhere near  hope to be, keeping me there and maybe even get me to a better good than I was before my hip operation, fingers and toes crossed.

The positives of my week:

  • My INR (blood thinness level) finally hit  the number two that I have been trying to get for nine weeks  of blood thinning medication “whoop whoop” Finally I can start kicking the arse of those pesky clots on my heart valve. I will  be extremely happy when the INR levels stays there a few weeks because I am learning this blood thinning lark is very unpredictable.

  • I wore the heart box for a week and did actually suffer chest pain during that time so we will be able to see from results if those pains are heart related or left over from pleurisy. Let’s hope it’s the latter
  • I am smashing hydro and daily physio at the moment which I am over the moon about. Especially as my physio therapist has really upped the ante and made all a lot  it harder.

  •  I have just started walking mainly with one crutch, and very short distances with my stick, that has been gathering dust in the cupboard for about nine months.
  • I finally made it all the way round my local park which has been been a personal goal since I my operation

  • I actually have been making a big effort to drink more water which is literally my nemesis.  If only it could  be vanilla lattes that your body needed loads of, rather than water and I would be laughing. I have found using the water tracker on my Samsung Health App on my phone really helpful. Tracking in general works for me.


  • I have been making an a big effort to cook different and only healthy foods. Which

          Although I cannot follow Joe Wicks exercise ideas due to the limits of my disabilities, which is a shame as I would definitely like some of the results people get, but there is no point in being unrealistic.  Anyway,  I have really enjoyed making food from his Lean in 15 books – they are so easy to make and so far we have liked everything we have tried.  Our shopping bill has definitely gone up,  but I am hoping that this will be a short-term thing while  I am building a cupboard of herbs, spices, and pastes.  I would really recommend it. I am not the best cook so have always been put off using cook books as there is always method terminology that I have to look up or you require kitchen equipment that I don’t have. But this is not the case with the Lean in 15 recipes in the main you only need a wok and occasionally saucepan. The instructions are easy to follow and most importantly the meals don’t take that long to cook. If you don’t fancy buying his books just follow him on face book as he is always showing videos of him cooking his recipes on there  JoeWicksTheBodyCoach

So all in all it has been a positive week with things going nicely.  I  am making a point of trying to rejoice in every little achievement. They are hard work to achieve and life can become very mundane when it’s mainly made up of recovering or waiting to be better than now. So you just have to make the most of each achievements why wouldn’t you?.  I have tried in the last few years to be grateful and acknowledge the good pain / health days, rather than moan and complain about the bad ones. I am only human so  I don’t get this right all the time, but I do know life has definitely been better since I try to do this. If you want an initial starting point for practicing gratitude I would recommend The Magic. Stuart  and I read and followed this several years back and really enjoyed doing it.

So what does the upcoming week hold, more hard work and discipline.  Making sure I am supportive and sympatric when Stuart has his wisdom teeth out on Wednesday.  As I  know I am totally crap at giving him sympathy with the little health bits and bobs. Plus I am going to give getting back in the swimming pool and doing a few laps another go.  But mainly I am hope it’s a week without dramas or backwards steps.

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