2018 Setting my intentions


Last year I spent a lot of time on making small changes to my daily habits with the intention of improving my overall well-being, managing my pain and fatigue more effectively and with less resentment and to focus on enjoying life more regardless of my health and mobility limitations.
2017 turned out to be a bit of a roller-coaster ride of ups, downs and many challenges but I definitely manage to experience these things and achieve goals related to my work and my art.

20180105_162949.jpgOne of the things that I think helped me to do this was that i was introduced to and started using the self journal. The self journal (https://uk.bestself.co/) is a 13 week practice that involves scheduling your time, recording gratitude first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Reviewing lessons learnt and wins of the day, and tracking daily and weekly habits. I really enjoyed doing this for 13 week and it definitely helped me to focus and achieve the things I wanted to.  Plus I actually really enjoyed the process and it quickly became a very positive part of my day.  Another thing I loved was being part of the Facebook group. In this group people share their ideas and successes, seek advice and genuinely support each other with the process of staying focused, being motivated and achieving. Something that I think  can be missing in day-to-day life in our modern world, where it seems criticism comes more readily to people’s lips, than praise. I can’t recommend this journaling process highly enough.


So when I finished the 13 week journal I simply got straight on the to the next 13 week journal, set three new goals and carried on with the process. That was December 1st, so as you can imagine I let a few things go a bit slip during the holiday season. But when reviewing December I realised, by doing the journal that I had manage to keep some focus and didn’t let everything go out the window like I had in previous Decembers. So with two months left in my journal and the turn of the calendar in to a new year. I have spent some time reviewing my previous  goals and considering my intentions for 2018 and what I want to achieve. Now I know the web is full of blogs where people are sharing their resolutions, hopes and dreams for 2018, so for that reason I am going to keep this post short.

But I do  still want to join in and share my 2018 intentions, as a means of setting them out in stone and making myself accountable for them. So if throughout the year feel absolutely free to jog my memory, give me a friendly push or kick up the arse if you think I am forgetting about them or not giving them the time and attention I should. After all we all know it’s easy to have great focus in January but it is not so easy in July or October when new years for ages ago and resolutions get long forgotten.



photo of a card from  set by kikki.K

Last year most of my attention was sent on my health, well-being, enjoying my personal life, nurturing the relationships that are most important to me and getting back to work after my hip operation and health complication. So I have decided to set one intention fits all related to all these areas and that is to:


Maintain and continue to focus on all the good habits I introduced  and enjoyed in 2017.

This will include continuing to develop my mindful meditation practice, good exercise, great nutrition, avoiding negativity and negative people. Using my free time thoughtfully on things and with people who bring me joy, practising daily gratitude and more. All things that have all really improved my life and my outlook.

This year I am prioritising my art and therefore I am setting myself some very specific goals in this area. they are as follows:

1) Explore and start painting for the first time with Oil paints
2) Start selling my art work again
3) Enter open exhibitions and gallery contests
4) Exhibit work
5) Increase art content on my blog
6) Increase interaction with other artists, bloggers and chronic illness sufferers
7) Paint twice weekly as a minimum.

It’s amazing how even just typing these and seeing them on the screen has given me a rush of self-doubt, prompted that horrible little voice in my head to  laugh and say

“don’t be silly Jo your work is not good for 1, 2, 3 or 4, who are you kidding”

But I am actively ignoring that unhelpful voice, brushing it to one side and cracking on with the intention of giving them my very best shot. So wish me luck and please share any gems of advice that you think will help me achieve them.



useful links:

Self journal –https://uk.bestself.co/

kikki. k https://www.kikki-k.com/


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