Painting 9 of 30 paintings in 30 days

Today along I attended a conference as part of the day job today. I was not surprised to have to listen to a variety of speakers throughout the day. Nor did it surprise me they were there as motivational speakers promoting positive attitudes to change, the pursuit of personal happiness and purpose through a positive attitude to working life especially as our organisations has just merged with another and we are right in the middle of nothing but change. We all know change is more often than not met with fear, negativity and rejection and this merger has been met with all the above. So it came as a totally surprised to me when people responded to the speakers and their with clapping and whooping and there hasn’t even been any alcohol consumed it was all very American and not the reserved polite clapping I would if expected of a room full of British people.

Which brings me to the inspiration of today’s painting. One of the speakers as part of his patter he was throwing rubber ducks all over the room for people catch. I would love to explain why but due to poor sound in the massive room I don’t have a clue as couldn’t hear most of what he was saying.

So why have I choosen to paint a yellow duckling for Today’s painting? Well watching those yellow rubber ducks being thrown across the large conference room has definitely motivated and inspired me, I am not sure in the way they intended. But I am definitely more motivated than I was this morning.

Painting 9 – Yellow duck

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