Painting 10 and 11 of 30 paintings in 30 days

So it’s the weekend and I attend a life drawing class on a Saturday morning. So I thought I would try and add some painting into the work I did in the class. I should of thought better of it when the life model didn’t show and the tutor who herself was a stand in for our regular tutor stepped in to the model role, fully clothed of course.

During one of the longer poses I tried added some water colour to my work. Now this challenge of 30 paintings in 30 days has not specified that they should be good or even completed pieces. The founder Leslie Saeta actually said it was more about the habbit of daily paintings and the lesson learned and good painting produced would be a nice bonus.

Sadly a good painting wasn’t what I produced at life drawing class. I have had to have a little internal battle about sharing this painting. To the point I wanted to produce another one for painting 10 that I felt less embarrassed of. But then as every artist know sometimes it just doesn’t work sometimes it’s just awful.

Painting 10 – just awful

Because of this disaster on Saturday it made me use my painting time today wisely.  I did a lot of preparation and under/block painting ready for this week’s paintings. As it is becoming quite clear the best end pieces are the planned ones with thought given to preparation sketches and underpainting.

As you can see this week’s paintings will be focused on portraits and have colour theme of blue.

Painting 11 Not quite ready

This painting in my opinion is nowhere near finished but I ran out of time and this was the staged I had reached. Which  makes me realise I spend too much time faffing and not enough time focusing on the important details like the eyes. So I intend to try and put this into practise during this week’s paintings.

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