Painting 13 of 30 paintings in 30 days.

Todays painting is another portrait. What I have realised from the three that I have done so far for this challenge, is that I cannot finish a portrait in a short sitting and that therefore I need to revisit them on another day. with a fresh eye, dryer surface and clearer head. As I get to a point where I am pushing the paint around muddying the colours and battling with likeness and the best thing I can do is stop and come back on another day before I ruin the picture to point of no return.

So today with only a very short amount of painting time at my disposal. I made it my mission to recognise when to stop at a point that would be a good starting point for the next sitting rather than when I was happy with the painting. And I think I achieved that, although I don’t intend to revisit this until that 30 day challenge is up.

This is a portrait using oil paints on paper, and is a study to help me towards a collection I hope to do later in the year.
Painting 13

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