Painting 14 and 15 of 30 paintings in 30 days

Half way and still going.

I am so glad to find myself halfway through the 30 days and still keeping up with this challenge. Not only am I  still doing it I am still loving it. Although I didn’t get round to posting yesterday, as I  made a special effort to spend the evening with my husband and not with my husband at the side of me why I carried on with my creative pursuits.  So painting 14 was yesterdays efforts.

Painting 14  – The Calm



Oil paint on canvas board 



Painting 15 – The Storm

I did this painting in 2017 in acrylic and really like the subject but wasn’t happy with the end piece so I tried again but this time on canvas board with oils.


I am not happy with this version either. But I think once it is dry with some extra time on I will be. May once this 30 day challenge is finished I should spend the next 30 days finishing off the paintings I started in the first 30 days. As whilst I am producing  a painting each day, they aren’t feeling like they are finished. However I am definitely being much more productive than normal, and am definitely learning the benefit of consciously limiting painting time.

What do you think of my efforts  at the halfway point? which painting have been your favourite so far?

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