Paintings 16, 17 & 18 of 30 paintings in 30 days.

I have managed to keep up with painting challenge but only just.

I am full of cold and have lost my voice and anyone that knows me well knows I am great at managing chronic pain, my heart condition, being a strike survivor. But am totally and utterly useless when it comes to having a cold. I am a big moany baby. Despite that we have packed our car full of warm winter clothes and wet weather gear and traveled to Cornwall for a weeks holiday away from the hustle and bustle of our lives and a much needed rest and relax. and some seaside inspiration. So as you can image there hasn’t been much time for painting over the last few days.

Painting 16

Painting 17 Is my first ever painting completed on the move in the car.

What this painting has taught me is that I won’t be attempting to paint in a moving car again. But that the water brushes that you can fill water are really cool. Pefect for painting on the go literally.

Painting 18 The first seagull.

You know you by the coast when u see one of these big guys. And this was the first our holiday. So I thought he was perfect subject for today’s painting.

As I have said before I have hardly used watercolour. I can be a bit impatient, not allowing for drying during the painting so can end up in a soggy mess. But being away from home this week and with them being the easiest of the paints to take out of the studio and use on the go, I thought it was perfect excuse to make this week of the challenge – water colour week, inspired by my cornish surrounding. Fingers crossed the weather won’t be to grey and wet.

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