Paintings 20, 21 & 22 of 30 paintings in 30 days

We are being extremely lucky and enjoying beautiful sunshine on our hollibobs in Cornwall. Which is a real treat a considering it’s February. Don’t get me wrong it’s cold but that’s what warm clothes are for. But it had meant that I have really been able to soak up the beautiful coastal and country scenery of this lovely part of our little island. I have been taken tons of photos for when I get back in the studio next week.


For now I am still playing around with watercolours to continue with the challenge whilst away but to my surprise I am enjoying using them.

Painting 20 The Eden project

This was a really good day out even out of season the eco-climated inside the domes are amazingly weird as the rainforest one is so hot and humid it’s just strange. My 16 year old step son really enjoyed this visit as much as us. So we would definitely recommend it as a place to visit. Although despite numerous attempts I am not satisfied with my painting representing the alien looking domes.

Painting 21 Bude

A lovely little beach with sea pool and colourful beach huts. Although after having a peek inside I am even more unsure what people do with them as the are tiny weeny.

Painting 22 Perfect Morning stroll

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