Paintings 27, 28 & 29 of 30 paintings in 30 days

As I said in my previous post this is a crazily busy week. I turned 40 yesterday and am so luckily to have such wonderful friends, family and colleagues who have spoilt me rotten over the last few days. Plus by complete coincidence we have shed some stress that my husband and I have been dealing with in the background for 12 months. So it’s been great and a truly is fresh start for forty and I am feeling really positive and grateful to have the privilege of enter a new decade. I certainly don’t feel grown up enough to be forty but am certainly not grumpy about getting older.

My grandad used to say everyday you can get up and put my trousers on is a good day and I think he is so right. We are all so quick to think it’s our right to live to a ripe old age. When really it’s a wonderful privilege that so many wonderful people don’t get to enjoy. For that reason I am determined to do my best at making my forties as fabulous as I can.

Anyway enough about that lets get to the paintings. So as it’s been busy I have to say these are just very quick painting sketches using watercolour. But I was determined that some painting was better than no painting and falling at the last hurdle of this challenge.

Painting 27 – I wish it was spring

Painting 28 – Birthday bunny

Painting 29 – The big freeze

Anyone that is in the UK at the moment knows that pretty much the entire country is covered in snow and expecting more. So I simple had to include a little wave to the white stuff in today’s painting .

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