The beginning of my success story

I can’t believe that I haven’t posted since the end of the 30 in 30 days painting challenge, that finished March 1st, which feels like forever ago. Since then there has been the beast from the east bringing us in the UK crazy snow storms. I have enjoyed a once in life time holiday with my precious school friends, to celebrate the three of us turning 40. There have been some highs and lows in health department, the hottest bank holiday weekend in my lifetime and lots of fatigue. It’s certainly been as busy few months. But in the main it these months have been spent in the company of my favourite people or happily at my easel exploring oil painting and mapping out my own yellow brick road.

Time has flown past.  It is hard to believe it has already been six months since I lowered my hours at the day job and only go there for two days week. This massive change might have been due to health necessity, but now six months on it is something I am counting my blessing for.   It has allowed me to step aware from the conventional and realise the real value of time, realising that living with less money is definitely bringing me more in terms of health, wellbeing and new perspective of what actually matters to me and what doesn’t.

On social media, blogs and podcast I follow some amazing inspiring diverse amateur and professional artists. All highlight to me that whilst my health means I am unable to teach as many hours as before it presents me with some very valuable extra time. Time that is  very valuable as an aspiring artist.

So long story short I have taken the first steps and my domain for Jo Vincent Art and taking the first step towards making the ideas that are in side my head materialise in to something real.  So I thought that maybe this is a journey I should share, blog more not less. So I  will share the high, lows, the success and the fails rather than keep behind close doors

I am pretty sure that  everyone that is living with chronic illness or that is living with an artist inside them wishes they could make an income in their own time from their own home or studio, when their health allows, so with the privilege of time and nothing to lose but face its time to get started.

So fingers crossed this is the beginning of my success story.


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