The waiting is finally over. I have had all tests and all the results that go with them. It has been a pin ball of a month, bouncing between, being consumed with horrid side effects, waiting, worrying, hoping, cracking on with day to day life, managing pain, eating, sleeping and all the above on repeat.

Tuesday I had a pelvic scan to see whether the recent pelvic pain and drowsy bowel is due to my endometriosis (triggered by taking the most recent anticoagulant Rivaroxaban for the clots in my heart). Or whether something else horrible had joined the party.

Thankfully there isn’t anything new going on. My ability to read my own body has yet again turned out to be correct. Proven by the positive outcome of my pelvic scan and the fact that my symptoms are improving since I stopped taking the Rivaroxaban. Which I did three weeks ago when the side effects became unbearable.

I had stopped taking them against medical advice so it’s been hard to not worry a little bit about such a big decision when the risk are so big. Luckily I was also very glad to receive result of  last weeks heart scan yesterday. Which showed that there is no longer any evidence of thrombosis on my repaired heart valve.

So finally after an 18 months of problems, with one after another anticoagulant medicine, dealing with an array of horrible side effects and a ridiculous amount of appointments The pesky clots that have been squatting in my heart are gone. Yes gone. Something I know my cardiologist wasn’t expecting to happen and I had been scared to hope could happen.

The normal route would be to carry on with anticoagulants to prevent clots developing on my repaired valve in the future. But as my body clearly doesn’t like them I am going to try a period free of treatment and hope they don’t come back. Which I am confident they won’t. As I have discussed in previous blogs, as well as medical treatment I have made numerous lifestyle, dietary and wellbeing changes that I am absolutely convinced have played an important part in giving me this positive outcome that my cardio hadn’t expected.

Whilst we treat medical conditions in isolation my experience has always shown that a holistic approach to being well brings the best outcomes. So fingers crossed if I keep doing my part, I won’t have a need for anticoglant medicine anytime soon.

So for a change it has been an amazingly positive results.

It’s funny to realised how very happy I am just to get back to living with endometriosis and the pain and limits of being a stroke survivor with valve disease. It’s interesting to see how my perspective can change when further challenges are faced and overcome. What I used to think was so much to manage seem much more manageable now and the life I can have within that circle of illness looks like a much better prospect than it used to before dodgy hips, clots in the heart and bad reactions to vital medicines. All of this show it really is the stories we tell ourselves about what is happening in our lives, rather than what is happening that determines the impact on us.

I wish I could say I am bouncing on this great news with energy and excitement for the blank canvas without needing any medical additional intervention for a while. But to gather this fabulous insight I have had be poked and proded and am left feeling poorly and jaded. But as horrible as I am feeling physcially it is definitely worth it for the peace of mind it’s brought me.

So now it’s time to for some self care to rest, recharge, recover and repeat and of course time to get on with all things art.


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