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Hi I am Jo during my blogs I want to share my journey both past and present as an artist striving for wellness whilst living with illness and disability.

I understand the difficulties, frustration and disappointments that disability, chronic pain and fatigue can bring to life. How complex managing normal life, work, family, relationships and navigating the medical system can be.  But I also understand how the interruption of illness and physical limitation can bring unexpected lessons, joys, comedy, self development and close relationships.

I believe in self-help and development, but also know how bloody difficult and nearly impossible it is to do the best for yourself and your health when you feel at your worst.  I live with it every day and this is my personal and artistic journey.


I thought I would share some initial info about me and the jigsaw pieces that make up my life:

So here we go

  • I am Jo Vincent – (I was Jo Avis until 2016 when I got married)
  • I am  39, living in BIRMINGHAM  in the West Midlands with my husband and my dog Max.
  • I am a part-time TEACHER of  life skills, in a local college, to adults with learning difficulties and disabilities. I have been doing this for fifteen years now .
  • I am a  SELF TAUGHT ARTIST  producing landscape and abstract paintings for sale and commissions. I have recently  started to expand my interest and skills by exploring life drawing and portraiture. 
  •  I started having medical difficulties with menstruation at 11 years old, but it took until I was 21 to be diagnosed with ENDOMETRIOSIS.
  • At 26 I suffered two STROKES as a result of Endocarditis, a heart infection that required  OPEN HEART SURGERY to SAVE MY LIFE.
  • As a STROKE SURVIVOR I had to relearn many things we take for granted, including eating, walking and talking. I now have difficulties with the sensation, feeling and use of my left side. Plus suffer with  CHRONIC PAIN and CHRONIC FATIGUE  on a daily basis. I found my passion for painting and drawing during my  rehabilitation.
  • In recent years I have had hip problems that ended up with HIP SURGERY at the end of 2016. I  had a cam lesion removed and labral tear trimmed, on my left side. In the hope of improving pain level and mobility. During surgery assessments they found CLOTS IN MY HEART on my repaired heart valve. So now I  am  having fun and games with anti-coagulants and INR levels to  preserve my heart valve and me from serious illness.



All the art work  that I display and share on this page unless otherwise stated will be created by myself  from past and present. If you are interesting in purchasing a piece of my art work or commissioning a piece please contact me via the contact page.