Welcome to my blog where I intend to share with you a very honest insight into approaching forty as a fourteen year old stroke survivor. I will share my past present and future experience,  the lessons I  have learned, the ups, the downs, the difficulties of daily life  living in a differently abled body, with chronic pain and fatigue and heart problems.   I want to share my all the avenues of self help I have tried, and trust me there are loads, my achievements and failures in my  ongoing pursuit for a happier, healthier life of wellness despite difficulties. Whilst on the bumpy road of self doubt and  creativity as I search for an art life, sharing and  my showcasing my work as I paint my way along my journey.

Wellness Despite Illness

I decided to start this blog when I realised after an uphill battle of many years, I had finally reached a place where I felt well  and content within my own body and mind despite still facing daily health challenges, pain and fatigue. I was able to realise how far I had come from the day I had suffered two catastrophic strokes to now.  I started this blog as I believe I have learned so much from trial and error, mistakes and achievement that now I have so much to share not only with people living with chronic illness, pain, fatigue and disability but also with anyone seeking a positive lifestyle of wellness in busy modern life. I have tried many things some which have been useful some not so much  and wanted to make use of all my experiences. I wanted to offer an honest ongoing perspective, that admits how blooming hard it can be, how there are many times you have to dust yourself off, try again or look for an alternative, when all you really want to do is give up and go to sleep. Plus I have always wanted to find a purpose for all I have suffered and the challenges I have faced. And as I have yet to come up with one I am happy with. I thought by started this blog I maybe able to make my own purpose for it all, by maybe connecting to people and sharing my story and showing that there is light at the end of every tunnel even when at times its impossible to see.

Art Aspects

Like most people my life is a construction of many elements, beyond my health and medical existence. So I couldn’t  separate myself and simply a be wellbeing blogger without the inclusion of my pursuit for creativity, my development of art skills and style.  Art dropped into my life with all the other impact of my strokes so it is completely natural to me that art should be a central part of this blog too.  Previously I have enjoyed being a hobbyist staying within my comfort zone of  producing art work that I perceived as good. But in the last couple of years I have a new found fire to push myself beyond my abilities and pursue self development, extend my art skills and create a platform where I can showcase my art work and its journey.

Like Minded People

I hope to connect with like minded people who are also in the pursuit of wellness  despite challenges or  being differently able. Other creative people, who are not necessarily part of an world but art is an important part of their world. To connect and share ideas, achievements,  failures and growth as I continue to develop in  my Art of illness. Everyone is welcome, so please subscribe to my blog, like and follow on Facebook, twitter and Instagram. Feel comfortable to comment, message and share your thoughts I look forward to hearing from you and will do my upmost to reply swiftly.

Get in touch

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The fine Print

I am not a medical professional, nothing I share with you is intended to as medical advice or as medical information.  Information I share with you is related to only my own experiences and self help activities. None of which is meant as medical information  or advice.  You should always seek the advice and guidance of medical professionals that have an clear understanding of your individual medical situation, history and medications before trying anything new in your health and wellbeing routine.

All artwork and photography used on this blog is my original work and not permitted to be used without my permission.

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